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Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-10-03 to 2018-05-31:

SCHEDULE 7(Paragraphs 34(4)(a) and (d) and (5)(a) and (d))

PART 1Information to Be Included in an Application for a Transitional Authorization

  • 1 The name, address and telephone number of the applicant.

  • 2 The name, position title, telephone number, facsimile number and E-mail address of a contact person.

  • 3 The name, mailing address and geographic location of the mine.

  • 4 A general description of the mining operation with details of the parts of the operation for which the application is made.

  • 5 A site plan showing the location of the main mining and milling facilities, the effluent treatment facilities and all the final discharge points.

  • 6 All available pH data and data related to the monthly mean concentrations of the deleterious substances set out in column 1 of Schedule 4 in the effluent for which the application is made for the one-year period immediately preceding the date of application.

  • 7 The effluent flow rate at each final discharge point.

  • 8 The available results of all acute lethality tests related to the effluent for which the application is made for the one-year period immediately preceding the date of application.

  • 9 Plans, specifications and other information on the design and capability of the effluent treatment process in place at the mine on the date of application.

  • 10 Based on the best available information at the time of application, a description of the facilities and procedures that are necessary to produce a non-acutely lethal effluent that complies with the authorized limits of the substances set out in column 1 of Schedule 4.

  • 11 A proposed schedule for the construction of the facilities and implementation of the procedures.

  • 12 The details of any effluent monitoring results related to fish, fish habitat or the human use of fish that are known to the operator.

  • 13 A signed statement indicating whether there is a law in the jurisdiction where the mine is located, and the identification of that law, that requires the mine to produce

    • (a) a non-acutely lethal effluent;

    • (b) an effluent containing a deleterious substance in a concentration that is equal to or less than the limits set out in Schedule 4; or

    • (c) an effluent with a pH equal to or greater than 6.0 but not greater than 9.5.

  • 14 Any further information that is required to support the application.

PART 2Statement of Certification

I certify that the information provided under Part 1 of Schedule 7 to the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations was prepared by persons with sufficient knowledge to evaluate the information. I further certify, based on my reasonable inquiry of the persons responsible for making the determination, that the information submitted is true, accurate and complete.

Date: blank line

Signature : (operator, owner or their authorized representative)

(Position title)

  • SOR/2006-239, s. 36(F)

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