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Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2018-06-01 to 2021-05-31:

SCHEDULE 4(Paragraph 4(1)(a), subsection 13(1), paragraph 13(3)(a), subparagraph 22(c)(i) and paragraph 24(1)(a))

Authorized Limits of Deleterious Substances

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
ItemDeleterious SubstanceMaximum Authorized Monthly Mean ConcentrationMaximum Authorized Concentration in a Composite SampleMaximum Authorized Concentration in a Grab Sample
1Arsenic0.50 mg/L0.75 mg/L1.00 mg/L
2Copper0.30 mg/L0.45 mg/L0.60 mg/L
3Cyanide1.00 mg/L1.50 mg/L2.00 mg/L
4Lead0.20 mg/L0.30 mg/L0.40 mg/L
5Nickel0.50 mg/L0.75 mg/L1.00 mg/L
6Zinc0.50 mg/L0.75 mg/L1.00 mg/L
7Total Suspended Solids15.00 mg/L22.50 mg/L30.00 mg/L
8Radium 2260.37 Bq/L0.74 Bq/L1.11 Bq/L

NOTE: All concentrations are total values.

  • SOR/2006-239, s. 25
  • SOR/2018-99, s. 32

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