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Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations

Version of section 4 from 2018-06-01 to 2021-05-31:

  •  (1) For the purposes of paragraph 36(4)(b) of the Act, the owner or operator of a mine is authorized to deposit, or to permit the deposit of, an effluent containing any deleterious substance that is prescribed in section 3 in any water or place referred to in subsection 36(3) of the Act if

    • (a) the concentration of the deleterious substance in the effluent does not exceed the maximum authorized concentrations that are set out in columns 2, 3 and 4 of Schedule 4;

    • (b) the pH of the effluent is equal to or greater than 6.0 but is not greater than 9.5; and

    • (c) the effluent is not acutely lethal.

  • (2) The authority in subsection (1) is conditional on the owner or operator complying with sections 6 to 27.

  • SOR/2018-99, s. 3

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