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Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations

Version of section 35 from 2006-03-22 to 2018-05-31:

  •  (1) An authorization officer shall issue to the owner or operator of a mine a transitional authorization, if

    • (a) the owner or operator is entitled to make the application under subsections 34(1) to (3) and has complied with subsection 34(4) or (5), as applicable; and

    • (b) any construction of facilities and the implementation of the procedures described by the owner or operator under paragraph 34(4)(b) or (5)(b), as applicable will result in the deposit of an effluent that complies with the requirements prescribed in paragraphs 4(1)(a) to (c).

  • (2) The authorization officer shall issue a transitional authorization in the form set out in Schedule 8 and provide in the authorization

    • (a) for the deposit of acutely lethal effluent, the information required by Part 1 of Schedule 8; and

    • (b) for the deposit of effluent that contains a deleterious substance set out in column 1 of Schedule 4, the information required by Part 2 of Schedule 8, including the maximum concentration of the deleterious substances and the pH range of the effluent the determination of which are specified in that Schedule.

  • (3) Authorization officers shall maintain a public record of all transitional authorizations issued for mines located in the province where they perform their functions.

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