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Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations

Version of section 1.19.2 from 2020-02-19 to 2023-07-04:

 Part 3 (Documentation) and Part 4 (Dangerous Goods Safety Marks) do not apply to samples of dangerous goods if

  • (a) in the case of

    • (i) samples included in Class 2, Gases, they are in one or more means of containment in compliance with the requirements for transporting gases in Part 5 (Means of Containment), or

    • (ii) samples not included in Class 2, Gases, they are in one or more means of containment designed, constructed, filled, closed, secured and maintained so that under normal conditions of transport, including handling, there will be no accidental release of the dangerous goods that could endanger public safety;

  • (b) the samples are in transport for demonstration purposes;

  • (c) the samples are in the custody of an agent of the manufacturer or distributor who is acting in the course of employment;

  • (d) the samples are not for sale;

  • (e) the samples are not transported in a passenger carrying road vehicle, passenger carrying railway vehicle, passenger carrying aircraft or passenger carrying vessel other than a passenger carrying vessel that operates over the most direct water route between two points that are not more than 5 km apart;

  • (f) the dangerous goods are contained in one or more means of containment each of which has a gross mass less than or equal to 10 kg; and

  • (g) each means of containment has marked on it the words “demonstration samples” or “échantillons de démonstration” and the words are legible and displayed on a contrasting background.

  • SOR/2008-34, s. 10

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