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Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations

Version of section 1.19 from 2023-07-05 to 2024-06-19:

 These Regulations do not apply to samples of goods, including forensic samples, that are reasonably believed to be dangerous goods if, for the purposes of inspection or investigation duties under an Act of Parliament or of a provincial legislature, the samples are

  • (a) in transport under the direct supervision of a federal, provincial or municipal government employee acting in the course of employment; and

  • (b) in one or more means of containment designed, constructed, filled, closed, secured and maintained so that under normal conditions of transport, including handling, there will be no release of the dangerous goods that could endanger public safety.

  • SOR/2003-273, s. 2
  • SOR/2008-34, s. 10
  • SOR/2017-253, s. 5
  • SOR/2023-155, s. 12

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