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Radiation Protection Regulations

Version of section 4 from 2006-03-22 to 2020-11-24:

 Every licensee shall implement a radiation protection program and shall, as part of that program,

  • (a) keep the amount of exposure to radon progeny and the effective dose and equivalent dose received by and committed to persons as low as is reasonably achievable, social and economic factors being taken into account, through the implementation of

    • (i) management control over work practices,

    • (ii) personnel qualification and training,

    • (iii) control of occupational and public exposure to radiation, and

    • (iv) planning for unusual situations; and

  • (b) ascertain the quantity and concentration of any nuclear substance released as a result of the licensed activity

    • (i) by direct measurement as a result of monitoring, or

    • (ii) if the time and resources required for direct measurement as a result of monitoring outweigh the usefulness of ascertaining the quantity and concentration using that method, by estimating them.

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