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Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations

Version of section 14 from 2006-03-22 to 2016-08-01:

  •  (1) A person may make a request referred to in section 11, 12 or 13 by delivering it by hand or by sending it by registered mail, courier, fax or other electronic means to a person and place authorized by the Minister.

  • (2) Where a person makes a request referred to in subsection (1), the date of the request is

    • (a) the date on which the request is delivered to the authorized recipient, if the request is delivered by hand;

    • (b) the earlier of the date on which the request is received by the authorized recipient and the date on the receipt given to the person by a post office or courier, if the request is sent by registered mail or courier; or

    • (c) the date that appears on the fax or other electronic transmission.

  • (3) Where a request is sent by fax or by other electronic means, another copy of the request shall be sent by registered mail.

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