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East Coast and Great Lakes Shipping Employees Hours of Work Regulations, 1985

Version of section 7 from 2006-03-22 to 2021-06-30:

  •  (1) Where the nature of the work necessitates irregular distribution of hours of work of any class of employees, with the result that the employees within that class have no regularly scheduled daily or weekly hours of work, the hours of work in a day and the hours of work in a week of an employee may be calculated as an average for a period not exceeding 13 consecutive weeks.

  • (2) The standard hours of work (being the hours for which the regular rate of pay may be paid) of an employee within a class shall be 520 hours where the averaging period is 13 weeks or where the averaging period selected by the employer is less than 13 weeks, the number of hours that equals the product obtained by multiplying the number of weeks so selected by 40.

  • (3) Where an employer adopts an averaging period under this section, he shall forthwith notify the Minister indicating the class and the number of employees to which it applies and the period for which he is averaging.

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