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Income Tax Regulations

Version of section 210 from 2016-06-22 to 2024-05-28:

 Every person who makes a payment described in section 153 of the Act (including an amount paid that is described in subparagraph 153(1)(a)(ii) of the Act), or who pays or credits, or is deemed by any of Part I, XIII and XIII.2 of the Act to have paid or credited, an amount described in that section, Part XIII or XIII.2 of the Act, shall, on demand by registered letter from the Minister, make an information return in prescribed form containing the information required in the return and shall file the return with the Minister within such reasonable time as is stipulated in the registered letter.

  • [NOTE: Application provisions are not included in the consolidated text
  • see relevant amending Acts and regulations.]
  • SOR/88-165, s. 31(F)
  • SOR/2011-188, s. 3
  • 2016, c. 7, s. 56

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