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Fertilizers Regulations

Version of section 10 from 2006-09-21 to 2013-04-25:

 The major plant nutrients present in every mixed fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorous or potassium shall be not less than 24% of the total content of the fertilizer, except if the mixed fertilizer is

  • (a) a customer-formula fertilizer;

  • (b) a specialty fertilizer;

  • (c) a fertilizer the ingredients of which contain

    • (i) at least 50% that is of animal or vegetable origin and that supplies 25% of the nitrogen in the mixture in a water-insoluble form, and

    • (ii) at least 18% that is of major plant nutrients combined; or

  • (d) a product registered under the Act.

  • SOR/79-365, s. 8
  • SOR/2003-6, s. 74
  • SOR/2006-221, s. 12(F)

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