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Health of Animals Regulations

Version of section 152 from 2019-04-15 to 2020-02-19:

  •  (1) Every sea carrier transporting livestock shall have, as a signed member of the ship’s crew,

    • (a) a person experienced in dealing with livestock as a foreman to supervise the care of the animals on board;

    • (b) if there are more than 300 head of livestock, an assistant foreman;

    • (c) one attendant for every 25 equines or fraction thereof;

    • (d) a qualified veterinarian, where there are more than 25 equines; and

    • (e) one attendant for every 50 head of livestock or fraction thereof, excluding equines.

  • (2) Every sea carrier or air carrier shall, when requested to do so in writing by the Minister, have a veterinary inspector on a vessel or aircraft transporting animals.

  • (3) Every sea carrier shall notify a veterinary inspector of the time of departure of a vessel transporting animals and shall, not less than six hours before such time, supply him with the names of the foreman, assistant foreman and attendants provided to care for animals on board the vessel.

  • (4) The foreman, assistant foreman and attendants caring for animals on board a vessel shall report to a veterinary inspector at least six hours before the time of departure of the vessel.

  • SOR/2019-99, s. 18(F)

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