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Life Saving Equipment Regulations

Version of section 119 from 2023-12-20 to 2024-05-28:

  •  (1) The authorized representative of a ship shall ensure that the ship’s inflatable survival equipment is serviced annually.

  • (2) Despite subsection (1), the interval between servicing may be two years if

    • (a) the ship on which the inflatable survival equipment is carried

      • (i) is not a Safety Convention ship,

      • (ii) operates for less than seven months per year, and

      • (iii) operates only during months in which the monthly historical average daily minimum air temperature is greater than 0°C according to the climate data compiled by the Department of the Environment from the weather station nearest to the ship’s area of operation;

    • (b) fewer than 15 years have elapsed since the day on which the inflatable survival equipment was manufactured;

    • (c) the validity period of the most recent hydrostatic test of the gas cylinders of the inflatable survival equipment will not expire before the next servicing; and

    • (d) the inflatable survival equipment is stored in a dry location during the months in which the ship is not in operation.

  • (3) Despite subsection (1), the interval between servicing may be 30 months for inflatable survival equipment that is type approved in accordance with International Maritime Organization Circular MSC.1/Circ.1328, Guidelines for the Approval of Inflatable Liferafts Subject to Extended Service Intervals Not Exceeding 30 Months, as amended from time to time.

  • (4) For the purposes of subsection (3), on a ship that is not a Safety Convention ship, the annual onboard inspection by inspection personnel that is required in the circular may be performed by a qualified crew member if the equipment is provided with manufacturer guidance on how to perform the inspection.

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