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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section E.01.005 from 2006-03-22 to 2016-05-03:

 Commencing June 1, 1979, every cyclamate sweetener or saccharin sweetener shall be labelled to show

  • (a) a list of all the ingredients and, in the case of

    • (i) cyclohexyl sulfamic acid,

    • (ii) a salt of cyclohexyl sulfamic acid,

    • (iii) saccharin,

    • (iv) a saccharin salt, or

    • (v) carbohydrates,

    the quantity thereof contained in the sweetener; and

  • (b) the energy value of the sweetener expressed in calories

    • (i) per teaspoonful, drop, tablet or other measure used in the directions for use, and

    • (ii) per 100 grams or 100 millilitres

    of the sweetener.

  • SOR/78-422, s. 4

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