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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section C.03.001 from 2006-03-22 to 2013-11-07:

 In this Division,


drug means a drug listed in Schedule C to the Act that is in dosage form, or a drug that is a bulk process intermediate that can be used in the preparation of a drug listed in Schedule C to the Act that is of biological origin; (drogue)


licence or Canadian licence[Repealed, SOR/97-12, s. 22]


manufacturer[Repealed, SOR/97-12, s. 22]

master lot

master lot means a quantity of a drug from which a lot is prepared for sale by subsequent dilution or mixture; (maître-lot)

radionuclide generator

radionuclide generator means a radioactive parent and daughter

  • (a) contained in an ion-exchange column, or

  • (b) dissolved in a suitable solvent in a liquid-liquid extraction system

where the radioactive daughter is separated from its parent by

  • (c) elution from the ion exchange column, or

  • (d) a solvent extraction procedure. (générateur de radionucléide)

  • SOR/97-12, s. 22

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