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Telecommunications Act

Version of section 39 from 2014-07-01 to 2014-12-15:

Marginal note:Designation of information

  •  (1) For the purposes of this section, a person who submits any of the following information to the Commission may designate it as confidential:

    • (a) information that is a trade secret;

    • (b) financial, commercial, scientific or technical information that is confidential and that is treated consistently in a confidential manner by the person who submitted it; or

    • (c) information the disclosure of which could reasonably be expected

      • (i) to result in material financial loss or gain to any person,

      • (ii) to prejudice the competitive position of any person, or

      • (iii) to affect contractual or other negotiations of any person.

  • Marginal note:Information not to be disclosed

    (2) Subject to subsections (4), (5), (5.1) and (6), where a person designates information as confidential and the designation is not withdrawn by that person, no person described in subsection (3) shall knowingly disclose the information, or knowingly allow it to be disclosed, to any other person in any manner that is calculated or likely to make it available for the use of any person who may benefit from the information or use the information to the detriment of any person to whose business or affairs the information relates.

  • Marginal note:Persons who must not disclose information

    (3) Subsection (2) applies to

    • (a) any member of, or person employed by, the Commission, and

    • (b) in respect of information provided under subsection 37(3), the Minister, the Chief Statistician of Canada and any person employed in the federal public administration

    who comes into possession of designated information while holding that office or being so employed, whether or not the person has ceased to hold that office or be so employed.

  • Marginal note:Disclosure of information submitted in proceedings

    (4) Where designated information is submitted in the course of proceedings before the Commission, the Commission may disclose or require its disclosure where it determines, after considering any representations from interested persons, that the disclosure is in the public interest.

  • Marginal note:Disclosure of other information

    (5) Where designated information is submitted to the Commission otherwise than in the course of proceedings before it, the Commission may disclose or require its disclosure if, after considering any representations from interested persons, it considers the information to be relevant to the determination of a matter before it and determines that the disclosure is in the public interest.

  • Marginal note:Disclosure

    (5.1) The Commission may disclose designated information obtained by it in the performance or exercise of its duties or powers related to section 41, in respect of conduct carried out by electronic means, in accordance with subsection 58(1) or 60(1) of An Act to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy by regulating certain activities that discourage reliance on electronic means of carrying out commercial activities, and to amend the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act, the Competition Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Telecommunications Act.

  • Marginal note:Information inadmissible

    (6) Designated information that is not disclosed or required to be disclosed under this section is not admissible in evidence in any judicial proceedings except proceedings for failure to submit information required to be submitted under this Act or any special Act or for forgery, perjury or false declaration in relation to the submission of the information.

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  • 2003, c. 22, s. 224(E)
  • 2010, c. 23, s. 88

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