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Canada Labour Code

Version of section 251.15 from 2019-07-29 to 2020-12-31:

Marginal note:Enforcement of orders

  •  (1) Any person who is affected by a payment order issued under subsection 251.1(1) or confirmed or varied under subsection 251.101(3) or by an order of the Board made under subsection 251.12(1), or the Minister, may, after the day provided in the order for compliance or after 15 days following the day on which the order is issued, made, confirmed or varied, whichever is later, file in the Federal Court a copy of the payment order, or a copy of the order of the Board, exclusive of reasons.

  • Marginal note:Limitation

    (1.1) However, a payment order is not to be filed while it is or may be the subject of a review under subsection 251.101(1) or an appeal under subsection 251.101(7) or section 251.11 or if an order of the Board is made under paragraph 251.12(1)(a) relating to the payment order.

  • Marginal note:Enforcement of orders to debtors

    (2) After the expiration of the 15 day period specified in an order to a debtor of the employer or of the director of a corporation made under section 251.13, the regional director may file a copy of the order in the Federal Court.

  • Marginal note:Registration of orders

    (3) On the filing of a copy of an order in the Federal Court under subsection (1) or (2), the order shall be registered in the Court and, when registered, has the same force and effect, and all proceedings may be taken thereon, as if the order were a judgment obtained in that Court.

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  • 2012, c. 31, s. 228
  • 2017, c. 20, s. 368

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