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Trust and Loan Companies Act

Version of section 63 from 2012-05-24 to 2023-09-19:

Marginal note:Common shares

  •  (1) A company shall have one class of shares, to be designated as “common shares”, which are non-redeemable and in which the rights of the holders thereof are equal in all respects, and those rights include

    • (a) the right to vote at all meetings of shareholders except where only holders of a specified class of shares are entitled to vote;

    • (b) the right to receive dividends declared on those shares; and

    • (c) the right to receive the remaining property of the company on dissolution.

  • Marginal note:Designations of shares

    (2) No company shall designate more than one class of its shares as “common shares” or any variation of that term.

  • (3) [Repealed, 2012, c. 5, s. 164]

  • Marginal note:Continued company

    (4) A body corporate continued as a company under this Act that is not in compliance with subsection (2) on the date letters patent continuing it as a company are issued shall, within twelve months after that date, redesignate its shares to comply with that subsection.

  • Marginal note:Exception

    (5) Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply in respect of a former-Act company whose shareholders are confined to entities incorporated or formed by or under an Act of Parliament or of the legislature of a province that are, in the opinion of the directors, operating as credit unions or cooperative associations.

  • 1991, c. 45, s. 63
  • 2012, c. 5, s. 164
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