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Trust and Loan Companies Act

Version of section 384 from 2007-04-20 to 2024-06-19:

Marginal note:Acquisition of control permitted

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2) and sections 376 and 385, section 379 does not apply in respect of the company if a person acquires control of a company with equity of two billion dollars or more through the purchase or other acquisition of all or any number of the shares of the company by the person or by any entity controlled by the person.

  • Marginal note:Undertaking required

    (2) Subsection (1) applies only if the person provides the Minister with an undertaking satisfactory to the Minister to do all things necessary so that, within three years after the acquisition, or any other period that the Minister may specify, the company has voting shares that carry at least 35 per cent of the voting rights attached to all of the outstanding voting shares of the company and that are

    • (a) shares of one or more classes of shares that are listed and posted for trading on a recognized stock exchange in Canada; and

    • (b) shares none of which is beneficially owned by a person who is a major shareholder of the company in respect of the voting shares of the company or by any entity that is controlled by a person who is a major shareholder of the company in respect of such shares.

  • 1991, c. 45, s. 384
  • 2001, c. 9, s. 524
  • 2007, c. 6, s. 357

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