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Trust and Loan Companies Act

Version of section 292 from 2006-11-28 to 2024-05-28:

Marginal note:Payment to offeree company

  •  (1) Within 20 days after the offeror sends a notice under subsection 290(1), the offeror shall pay the money, or transfer the other consideration, to the offeree company that the offeror would have had to pay or transfer to a dissenting offeree if the dissenting offeree had elected to transfer their shares in accordance with paragraph 291(b).

  • Marginal note:Consideration in trust

    (2) An offeree company is deemed to hold in a fiduciary capacity for the dissenting offerees the money or other consideration it receives under subsection (1).

  • Marginal note:Deposit or custody

    (3) An offeree company shall deposit the money received under subsection (1) in a separate account in another deposit-taking financial institution in Canada and the offeree company shall place any other consideration in the custody of another deposit-taking financial institution in Canada.

  • 1991, c. 45, s. 292
  • 2005, c. 54, s. 427

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