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Trust and Loan Companies Act

Version of section 250 from 2007-04-20 to 2021-06-29:

Marginal note:Requirement to maintain copies and process information in Canada

  •  (1) If the Superintendent is of the opinion that it is incompatible with the fulfilment of the Superintendent’s responsibilities under this Act for a company to maintain, in another country, copies of records referred to in section 243 or of its central securities register or for a company to process, in another country, information or data relating to the preparation and maintenance of those records or of its central securities register — or if the Superintendent is advised by the Minister that, in the opinion of the Minister, it is not in the national interest for a company to do any of those activities in another country — the Superintendent shall direct the company to not maintain those copies, or to not process the information or data, as the case may be, in that other country or to maintain those copies or to process the information or data only in Canada.

  • Marginal note:Company to comply

    (2) A company shall without delay comply with any direction issued under subsection (1).

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