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Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

Version of section 21 from 2005-11-25 to 2006-12-11:

The following provision is not in force.

Marginal note:Retroactivity

  •  (1) A public servant who alleges that a reprisal was taken against him or her by reason that he or she, in good faith, disclosed a wrongdoing in the course of a parliamentary proceeding or an inquiry under Part I of the Inquiries Act — after February 10, 2004 and before the day on which section 20 comes into force — may make a complaint under that section in respect of the reprisal.

  • Marginal note:Time limit

    (2) The public servant may make the complaint within 60 days after the later of

    • (a) the day on which section 20 comes into force, and

    • (b) the day on which he or she knew or, in the opinion of the Board, ought to have known that the reprisal was taken.

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