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Parks Canada Agency Act (S.C. 1998, c. 31)

Act current to 2020-09-09 and last amended on 2019-06-17. Previous Versions

Transitional (continued)

Marginal note:Successor rights

 For the purpose of section 48.1 of the Public Service Staff Relations Act, the Governor in Council may fix the date on which the Parks Canada Sector and any other portion of the Department of Canadian Heritage are deemed to be severed from the Department and to become a part of the Agency, and that date is to be used for the purposes of subsections 48.1(3), (6) and (7) of that Act.

 [Repealed, 2000, c. 32, s. 60]

Consequential Amendments


Conditional Amendment


Coming into Force

Marginal note:Coming into force

Footnote * This Act or any of its provisions, or any provision of an Act enacted or amended by this Act, comes into force on a day or days to be fixed by order of the Governor in Council.

  • Return to footnote *[Note: Act, other than sections 19 to 22, 51, 55, 56 and 61.01, in force December 21, 1998, sections 19 to 22, 51, 55, 56 and 61.01 in force April 1, 1999, see SI/99-4.]

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