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Nuclear Safety and Control Act

Version of section 2 from 2002-12-31 to 2013-07-02:

Marginal note:Definitions

 The definitions in this section apply in this Act.



analyst means a person designated as an analyst under section 28. (analyste)



Commission means the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission established by section 8. (Commission)

designated officer

fonctionnaire désigné

designated officer means a person designated as a designated officer under section 37. (fonctionnaire désigné)

dosimetry service

service de dosimétrie

dosimetry service means a prescribed facility for the measurement and monitoring of doses of radiation. (service de dosimétrie)



inspector means a person designated as an inspector under section 29. (inspecteur)


licence ou permis

licence means a licence issued under section 24. (licence ou permis)



Minister means the Minister of Natural Resources or such member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada as the Governor in Council may designate as the Minister for the purposes of this Act. (ministre)

nuclear energy

énergie nucléaire

nuclear energy means any form of energy released in the course of nuclear fission or nuclear fusion or of any other nuclear transmutation. (énergie nucléaire)

nuclear energy worker

travailleur du secteur nucléaire

nuclear energy worker means a person who is required, in the course of the person’s business or occupation in connection with a nuclear substance or nuclear facility, to perform duties in such circumstances that there is a reasonable probability that the person may receive a dose of radiation that is greater than the prescribed limit for the general public. (travailleur du secteur nucléaire)

nuclear facility

installation nucléaire

nuclear facility means any of the following facilities, namely,

  • (a) a nuclear fission or fusion reactor or subcritical nuclear assembly,

  • (b) a particle accelerator,

  • (c) a uranium or thorium mine or mill,

  • (d) a plant for the processing, reprocessing or separation of an isotope of uranium, thorium or plutonium,

  • (e) a plant for the manufacture of a product from uranium, thorium or plutonium,

  • (f) a plant for the processing or use, in a quantity greater than 1015 Bq per calendar year, of nuclear substances other than uranium, thorium or plutonium,

  • (g) a facility for the disposal of a nuclear substance generated at another nuclear facility,

  • (h) a vehicle that is equipped with a nuclear reactor, and

  • (i) any other facility that is prescribed for the development, production or use of nuclear energy or the production, possession or use of a nuclear substance, prescribed equipment or prescribed information,

and includes, where applicable, the land on which the facility is located, a building that forms part of, or equipment used in conjunction with, the facility and any system for the management, storage or disposal of a nuclear substance. (installation nucléaire)

nuclear substance

substance nucléaire

nuclear substance means

  • (a) deuterium, thorium, uranium or an element with an atomic number greater than 92;

  • (b) a derivative or compound of deuterium, thorium, uranium or of an element with an atomic number greater than 92;

  • (c) a radioactive nuclide;

  • (d) a substance that is prescribed as being capable of releasing nuclear energy or as being required for the production or use of nuclear energy;

  • (e) a radioactive by-product of the development, production or use of nuclear energy; and

  • (f) a radioactive substance or radioactive thing that was used for the development or production, or in connection with the use, of nuclear energy. (substance nucléaire)


réglementaire ou réglementé

prescribed means prescribed by regulation of the Commission. (réglementaire ou réglementé)



radiation means the emission by a nuclear substance, the production using a nuclear substance, or the production at a nuclear facility of, an atomic or subatomic particle or electromagnetic wave with sufficient energy for ionization. (rayonnement)



record has the meaning assigned to that word by section 3 of the Access to Information Act. (document)



vehicle means any means of air, water or land transport, and includes railway equipment within the meaning assigned to that expression by subsection 4(1) of the Railway Safety Act. (véhicule)

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