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Canadian Navigable Waters Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. N-22)

Act current to 2020-01-27 and last amended on 2019-08-29. Previous Versions


  • — SOR/2019-321, s. 1

    • 1 Part 2 of the schedule to the Canadian Navigable Waters ActFootnote 1 is replaced by the following:

      PART 2

      Rivers and Riverines

      Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
      ItemNameApproximate Downstream PointApproximate Upstream PointDescription
      1Yukon River64°40′57″ N, 141°00′00″ W60°41′57″ N, 135°02′34″ WFrom the rapids near the dam in Whitehorse to the Canada–U.S. border
      2Alsek River59°26′03″ N, 137°58′19″ W60°39′03″ N, 137°48′25″ WFrom the confluence of the Dezadeash River and the Kaskawulsh River to the Canada–U.S. border
      3Tatshenshini River59°28′24″ N, 137°44′21″ W59°51′42″ N, 136°39′21″ WFrom Goat Creek to the Alsek River
      4Mackenzie River69°20′59″ N, 133°54′10″ W61°03′31″ N, 116°33′22″ WFrom Great Slave Lake to the Arctic Ocean
      5Arctic Red River67°25′35″ N, 133°45′40″ W64°31′20″ N, 131°32′18″ WFrom Backbone Range, Mackenzie Mountains, to the Mackenzie River
      6Skeena River54°01′00″ N, 130°06′12″ W55°41′53″ N, 127°41′40″ WFrom the confluence with the Babine River to the Pacific Ocean
      7Nass River54°59′06″ N, 129°43′07″ W56°09′52″ N, 129°01′41″ WFrom the confluence with the Bell-Irving River to the Pacific Ocean
      8Anderson River69°40′35″ N, 128°58′11″ W66°57′20″ N, 124°34′23″ WFrom Lac des Bois to the Arctic Ocean
      9Horton River70°13′24″ N, 127°32′45″ W67°48′40″ N, 120°34′26″ WFrom the Haldane River to the Amundsen Gulf
      10South Nahanni River61°03′03″ N, 123°20′30″ W62°59′01″ N, 129°37′23″ WFrom Mount Christie to the Liard River
      11Fraser River49°06′10″ N, 123°17′59″ W53°01′50″ N, 119°12′17″ WFrom the Overland Falls to the Pacific Ocean
      12Pitt River49°13′43″ N, 122°46′03″ W49°21′06″ N, 122°36′35″ WFrom Pitt Lake to the Fraser River
      13Harrison River49°13′51″ N, 121°56′43″ W49°18′42″ N, 121°48′12″ WFrom Harrison Lake to the Fraser River
      14Thompson River50°14′06″ N, 121°35′03″ W50°40′50″ N, 120°20′18″ WFrom the South Thompson River to the Fraser River
      15Liard River61°50′55″ N, 121°18′35″ W61°14′12″ N, 131°37′39″ WFrom Mount Lewis to the Mackenzie River
      16South Thompson River50°40′50″ N, 120°20′18″ W50°49′38″ N, 119°42′01″ WFrom Little Shuswap Lake to the Thompson River
      17Kootenay River49°18′56″ N, 117°39′08″ W49°37′32″ N, 116°56′36″ WFrom Kootenay Lake to the Columbia River
      18Columbia River49°00′00″ N, 117°37′55″ W52°04′30″ N, 118°33′58″ WFrom Kinbasket Lake to the Canada–U.S. border
      19Coppermine River67°49′09″ N, 115°04′30″ W64°51′17″ N, 110°25′41″ WFrom Lac de Gras to the Coronation Gulf
      20Bow River49°56′05″ N, 111°41′19″ W51°13′08″ N, 114°42′28″ WFrom Ghost Lake to the South Saskatchewan River
      21Peace River59°00′01″ N, 111°24′47″ W56°00′48″ N, 122°12′18″ WFrom Williston Lake to the Slave River
      22Clearwater River56°44′51″ N, 111°22′57″ W57°32′30″ N, 108°53′03″ WFrom the Mirror River to the Athabasca River
      23Athabasca River58°40′10″ N, 110°50′15″ W52°44′09″ N, 117°57′17″ WFrom the confluence with the Whirlpool River to Lake Athabasca
      24North Saskatchewan River53°14′07″ N, 105°04′58″ W52°22′35″ N, 115°24′05″ WFrom the confluence with the Ram River to the confluence with the South Saskatchewan River
      25South Saskatchewan River53°14′07″ N, 105°04′58″ W49°56′05″ N, 111°41′19″ WFrom the confluence of the Bow River and the Oldman River to the confluence with the North Saskatchewan River
      26Saskatchewan River53°27′43″ N, 105°04′08″ W53°11′08″ N, 99°15′24″ WFrom the confluence of the North Saskatchewan River and the South Saskatchewan River to Lake Winnipeg
      27Dubawnt River63°33′49″ N, 100°42′29″ W64°30′35″ N, 100°05′40″ WFrom Dubawnt Lake to the Thelon River
      28Assiniboine River49°53′08″ N, 97°07′41″ W50°58′35″ N, 101°24′26″ WFrom the Shellmouth Dam to the Red River
      29Red River50°23′12″ N, 96°47′58″ W49°00′02″ N, 97°13′43″ WFrom the Canada–U.S. Border to Lake Winnipeg
      30Bloodvein River51°47′25″ N, 96°43′02″ W51°11′58″ N, 94°22′51″ WFrom Red Lake to Lake Winnipeg
      31Winnipeg River50°37′54″ N, 96°19′13″ W49°45′59″ N, 94°30′39″ WFrom Lake of the Woods to Lake Winnipeg
      32Kazan River64°02′26″ N, 95°28′49″ W61°15′06″ N, 100°58′00″ WFrom Ennadai Lake to Baker Lake
      33Seal River59°04′22″ N, 94°47′44″ W58°49′44″ N, 97°35′39″ WFrom Shethanei Lake to Hudson Bay
      34Rainy River48°50′20″ N, 94°41′08″ W48°36′54″ N, 93°21′11″ WFrom Rainy Lake to Lake of the Woods
      35Churchill River58°47′23″ N, 94°12′22″ W55°49′03″ N, 108°22′44″ WFrom Churchill Lake to Hudson Bay
      36Hayes River57°03′34″ N, 92°10′13″ W54°19′12″ N, 96°41′30″ WFrom Molson Lake to Hudson Bay
      37Thelon River63°23′06″ N, 90°42′37″ W62°20′37″ N, 105°57′16″ WFrom Whitefish Lake to Hudson Bay
      38Boundary Waters – Voyageur Waterway47°59′50″ N, 89°34′37″ W48°21′39″ N, 92°03′54″ WBoundary waters between Canada and the U.S. from Lake Superior to Lac la Croix
      39St. Marys River46°03′34″ N, 83°56′44″ W46°31′13″ N, 84°37′08″ WFrom Lake Superior to Lake Huron
      40Detroit River42°04′54″ N, 83°07′32″ W42°21′06″ N, 82°55′25″ WFrom Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie
      41St. Clair River42°36′53″ N, 82°30′59″ W43°00′10″ N, 82°25′13″ WFrom Lake Huron to Lake St. Clair
      42Thames River42°19′09″ N, 82°27′15″ W43°17′01″ N, 80°46′14″ WFrom the Town of Tavistock to Lake St. Clair
      43French River45°56′28″ N, 80°54′05″ W46°12′31″ N, 79°49′03″ WFrom Lake Nipissing to Lake Huron
      44Moose River51°23′15″ N, 80°21′54″ W51°08′09″ N, 80°50′20″ WFrom the Kwetabohigan Rapids to Hudson Bay
      45Nottawasaga River44°32′19″ N, 80°00′28″ W44°08′18″ N, 79°48′38″ WFrom the 13th Line bridge to Lake Huron
      46Severn River44°48′13″ N, 79°43′12″ W44°44′39″ N, 79°20′21″ WFrom Lake Couchiching to Lake Huron
      47Grand River42°51′18″ N, 79°34′40″ W43°08′13″ N, 80°16′09″ WFrom the dam at Brantford to Lake Erie
      48Holland River44°12′10″ N, 79°30′52″ W44°06′46″ N, 79°32′44″ WFrom the Bridge Street bridge to Lake Simcoe
      49Holland River East Branch44°07′35″ N, 79°30′15″ W44°07′35″ N, 79°30′15″ WFrom the Queensville Side Road bridge to the Holland River
      50Humber River43°37′55″ N, 79°28′19″ W43°39′08″ N, 79°29′44″ WFrom the rapids at Old Mill to Lake Ontario
      51Mattawa River46°18′48″ N, 79°15′55″ W46°19′11″ N, 78°42′27″ WFrom the Ottawa River to Trout Lake
      52North Branch of Muskoka River45°16′04″ N, 79°13′45″ W45°18′42″ N, 79°11′46″ WFrom Fairy Lake to Mary Lake
      53Welland Canal43°14′41″ N, 79°13′00″ W42°52′01″ N, 79°15′06″ WA canal that connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario
      54Trent Canal44°28′17″ N, 79°10′14″ W44°32′10″ N, 79°04′00″ WFrom Canal Lake to Lake Simcoe
      55The Canal45°20′06″ N, 79°08′43″ W45°20′24″ N, 79°07′57″ WFrom Peninsula Lake to Fairy Lake
      56Niagara River43°15′43″ N, 79°04′23″ W42°53′18″ N, 78°54′43″ WFrom Lake Erie to Lake Ontario
      57Trent Canal44°34′59″ N, 79°00′34″ W44°34′39″ N, 78°53′39″ WFrom Balsam Lake to Canal Lake
      58Rosedale River44°34′13″ N, 78°45′57″ W44°34′24″ N, 78°47′46″ WFrom Balsam Lake to Cameron Lake
      59Scugog River44°24′06″ N, 78°45′00″ W44°16′09″ N, 78°45′11″ WFrom Lake Scugog to Sturgeon Lake
      60Fenelon River44°31′37″ N, 78°43′41″ W44°32′13″ N, 78°44′30″ WFrom Cameron Lake to Sturgeon Lake
      61Pigeon River44°21′48″ N, 78°30′54″ W44°17′56″ N, 78°33′20″ WFrom the dam in Omemee to Pigeon Lake
      62Trent Canal44°17′55″ N, 78°18′17″ W44°21′12″ N, 78°17′32″ WConnecting two parts of the Otonabee River at Peterborough
      63Otonabee River44°09′12″ N, 78°13′51″ W44°25′58″ N, 78°16′23″ WFrom Katchewanooka Lake to Rice Lake
      64Murray Canal44°03′38″ N, 77°35′02″ W44°01′56″ N, 77°40′37″ WConnecting two parts of Lake Ontario
      65Trent River/Canal44°05′59″ N, 77°34′18″ W44°15′40″ N, 78°02′51″ WFrom Rice Lake to Lake Ontario
      66Petawawa River45°54′38″ N, 77°15′30″ W45°53′02″ N, 77°23′27″ WFrom the confluence with the Barron River to the Ottawa River
      67Cataraqui River44°13′37″ N, 76°28′27″ W44°25′36″ N, 76°18′28″ WFrom Cranberry Lake to Lake Ontario
      68River Styx44°19′07″ N, 76°25′36″ W44°22′21″ N, 76°20′48″ WFrom the Cataraqui River to Colonel By Lake
      69Stevens Creek44°36′41″ N, 76°23′16″ W44°37′28″ N, 76°21′38″ WFrom Loon Lake to Newboro Lake
      70Tay River/Canal44°52′25″ N, 76°08′10″ W44°53′50″ N, 76°15′29″ WFrom the Peter Street bridge in Perth to the Lower Rideau Lake
      71Rideau Canal45°25′36″ N, 75°41′56″ W45°22′11″ N, 75°41′55″ WFrom the Rideau River to the Ottawa River
      72Rideau River45°26′29″ N, 75°41′49″ W44°52′16″ N, 76°05′01″ WFrom Lower Rideau Lake to the Ottawa River
      73Kemptville Creek45°03′20″ N, 75°39′15″ W45°01′39″ N, 75°38′29″ WFrom the Highway 43 bridge to the Rideau River
      74Ottawa River45°33′59″ N, 74°23′11″ W47°07′52″ N, 79°26′45″ WFrom Timiskaming Lake to the St. Lawrence River
      75Canal de Beauharnois45°19′13″ N, 73°55′00″ W45°13′41″ N, 74°10′12″ WBranch of the St. Lawrence River
      76Lachine Canal45°29′58″ N, 73°33′06″ W45°25′51″ N, 73°40′10″ WBranch of the St. Lawrence River
      77Rivière des Mille-Îles45°41′56″ N, 73°31′30″ W45°31′58″ N, 73°53′05″ WBranch of the St. Lawrence River
      78Rivière des Prairies45°42′26″ N, 73°28′25″ W45°28′24″ N, 73°56′27″ W (south branch) and 45°31′22″ N, 73°53′06″ W (north branch)Branch of the St. Lawrence River
      79Richelieu River46°02′55″ N, 73°07′10″ W45°00′39″ N, 73°20′38″ WFrom the Canada–U.S. border to the St. Lawrence River
      80Rivière Saint-Maurice46°21′04″ N, 72°31′12″ W46°32′15″ N, 72°46′01″ WFrom the Shawinigan Dam to the St. Lawrence River
      81Soper River62°54′25″ N, 69°50′41″ W63°32′39″ N, 69°32′43″ WFrom the highlands of the Meta Incognita Peninsula to Soper Lake
      82Saguenay River48°07′28″ N, 69°41′07″ W48°35′09″ N, 71°47′06″ WFrom Lac Saint-Jean to the St. Lawrence River
      83Restigouche River47°59′28″ N, 66°46′10″ W47°39′52″ N, 67°29′28″ WFrom the confluence of the Little Main Restigouche River and the Kedgwick River to the Gulf of St. Lawrence
      84St. Croix River45°09′54″ N, 67°10′47″ W45°34′09″ N, 67°25′38″ WFrom the Chiputneticook Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
      85Saint John River44°16′00″ N, 66°04′00″ W47°10′40″ N, 68°54′01″ WFrom the Canada–U.S. border to the Atlantic Ocean
      86St. Lawrence River49°40′00″ N, 64°29′59″ W44°06′58″ N, 76°28′43″ WFrom Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean
      87LaHave River44°15′59″ N, 64°19′57″ W44°23′22″ N, 64°31′53″ WFrom the rapids in Bridgewater to the Atlantic Ocean
      88Margaree River46°26′33″ N, 61°06′46″ W46°20′08″ N, 61°05′33″ WFrom the Margaree River fork to the Atlantic Ocean
      89Main River49°45′52″ N, 56°54′34″ W49°58′47″ N, 57°23′37″ WFrom the Long Range Mountains to White Bay
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