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Health of Animals Act

Version of section 37 from 2002-12-31 to 2015-02-25:

Marginal note:Broken seal

  •  (1) Where a seal or other identifying device authorized by the regulations has been affixed to a conveyance, container or other thing and the seal or device is broken, altered, tampered with or removed in contravention of the regulations, an inspector or officer may require that the conveyance, container or other thing, or any animal or thing contained in it, be placed in quarantine, disposed of or returned to its place of origin or to such other place as the inspector or officer may direct.

  • Marginal note:Notice

    (2) A requirement under subsection (1) shall be communicated by personal delivery of a notice to the owner or person having the possession, care or control of the conveyance, container or other thing or by sending the notice to the owner or person, and the notice may specify the period within which and the manner in which it is to be quarantined, disposed of or returned.

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