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Financial Administration Act

Version of section 118 from 2003-04-01 to 2015-02-25:

Marginal note:Application to court

  •  (1) Where a director or an officer of a Crown corporation fails to disclose his interest in a material contract in accordance with section 116, a court may, on application of the corporation or on behalf of the Crown, set aside the contract on such terms as it thinks fit.

  • Definition of court

    (2) In this section, court means

    • (a) in the Province of Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland, the trial division of the Supreme Court of the Province;

    • (a.1) in the Province of Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice;

    • (b) in the Province of Quebec, the Superior Court of the Province;

    • (c) in the Province of New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta, the Court of Queen’s Bench for the Province;

    • (d) in the Provinces of Nova Scotia and British Columbia, the Supreme Court of the Province; and

    • (e) in Yukon or the Northwest Territories, the Supreme Court, and in Nunavut, the Nunavut Court of Justice.

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