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First Nations Fiscal Management Act

Version of section 104 from 2006-04-01 to 2013-03-31:

Marginal note:Mandate

 The purposes of the Institute are to

  • (a) provide statistical information on, and analysis of, the fiscal, economic and social conditions of

    • (i) Indians and other members of first nations,

    • (ii) members of other aboriginal groups, and

    • (iii) other persons who reside on reserve lands or lands of other aboriginal groups;

  • (b) promote the quality, coherence and compatibility of first nations statistics and their production in accordance with generally accepted standards and practices through collaboration with first nations, federal departments and agencies, provincial departments and agencies and other organizations;

  • (c) work with, and provide advice to, federal departments and agencies and provincial departments and agencies on first nations statistics;

  • (d) work in cooperation with Statistics Canada to ensure that the national statistical system meets the needs of first nations and Canada; and

  • (e) build statistical capacity within first nation governments.

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