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Employment Insurance Act

Version of section 7 from 2016-07-03 to 2021-09-25:

Marginal note:Benefits payable to persons who qualify

  •  (1) Unemployment benefits are payable as provided in this Part to an insured person who qualifies to receive them.

  • Marginal note:Qualification requirement

    (2) An insured person qualifies if the person

    • (a) has had an interruption of earnings from employment; and

    • (b) has had during their qualifying period at least the number of hours of insurable employment set out in the following table in relation to the regional rate of unemployment that applies to the person.


    Regional Rate of UnemploymentRequired Number of Hours of Insurable Employment in Qualifying Period
    6% and under700
    more than 6% but not more than 7%665
    more than 7% but not more than 8%630
    more than 8% but not more than 9%595
    more than 9% but not more than 10%560
    more than 10% but not more than 11%525
    more than 11% but not more than 12%490
    more than 12% but not more than 13%455
    more than 13%420
  • (3) to (5) [Repealed, 2016, c. 7, s. 209]

  • Marginal note:Other benefit rights — Canada-U.S. agreement

    (6) An insured person is not qualified to receive benefits if it is jointly determined that the insured person must first exhaust or end benefit rights under the laws of another jurisdiction, as provided by Article VI of the Agreement Between Canada and the United States Respecting Unemployment Insurance, signed on March 6 and 12, 1942.

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