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Employment Insurance Act

Version of section 30 from 2021-09-26 to 2022-09-24:

Marginal note:Disqualification — misconduct or leaving without just cause

  •  (1) A claimant is disqualified from receiving any benefits if the claimant lost their employment because of their misconduct or voluntarily left their employment without just cause, unless

    • (a) the claimant has, since losing or leaving the employment, been employed in insurable employment and made a new initial claim for benefits; or

    • (b) the claimant is disentitled under sections 31 to 33 in relation to the employment.

  • Marginal note:Length of disqualification

    (2) The disqualification is for each week of the claimant’s benefit period following the waiting period and, for greater certainty, the length of the disqualification is not affected by any subsequent loss of employment by the claimant during the benefit period.

  • Marginal note:Not retroactive

    (3) If the event giving rise to the disqualification occurs during a benefit period of the claimant, the disqualification does not include any week in that benefit period before the week in which the event occurs.

  • Marginal note:Suspension

    (4) The disqualification is suspended during any week for which the claimant is otherwise entitled to special benefits.

  • (5) [Repealed, 2021, c. 23, s. 316]

  • (6) [Repealed, 2021, c. 23, s. 316]

  • (7) [Repealed, 2021, c. 23, s. 316]

  • 1996, c. 23, s. 30
  • 2021, c. 23, s. 316

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