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Expenditure Restraint Act

Version of section 55 from 2009-03-12 to 2010-07-11:

Marginal note:Members of Parliament

  •  (1) Despite subsections 55.1(2), 62.1(2), 62.2(2) and 62.3(2) of the Parliament of Canada Act and subsections 4.1(2), (4) and (6) of the Salaries Act, the increases in respect of allowances and salaries to be paid to members of the Senate and the House of Commons for the 2009–2010 and 2010–2011 fiscal years are to be 1.5% for each of those fiscal years.

  • Marginal note:2011–2012 fiscal year

    (2) The indexing referred to in the provisions referred to in subsection (1) with respect to the 2011–2012 fiscal year is to be applied to the allowances and salaries determined under subsection (1) in respect of the 2010–2011 fiscal year.

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