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Canada Pension Plan

Version of section 81 from 2005-01-31 to 2010-03-31:

Marginal note:Appeal to Minister

  •  (1) Where

    • (a) a spouse, former spouse, common-law partner, former common-law partner or estate is dissatisfied with any decision made under section 55, 55.1, 55.2 or 55.3,

    • (b) an applicant is dissatisfied with any decision made under section 60,

    • (c) a beneficiary is dissatisfied with any determination as to the amount of a benefit payable to the beneficiary or as to the beneficiary’s eligibility to receive a benefit,

    • (d) a beneficiary or the beneficiary’s spouse or common-law partner is dissatisfied with any decision made under section 65.1, or

    • (e) a person who made a request under section 70.1, a child of that person or, in relation to that child, a person or agency referred to in section 75 is dissatisfied with any decision made under section 70.1,

    the dissatisfied party or, subject to the regulations, any person on behalf thereof may, within ninety days after the day on which the dissatisfied party was notified in the prescribed manner of the decision or determination, or within such longer period as the Minister may either before or after the expiration of those ninety days allow, make a request to the Minister in the prescribed form and manner for a reconsideration of that decision or determination.

  • Marginal note:Reconsideration by Minister and decision

    (2) The Minister shall forthwith reconsider any decision or determination referred to in subsection (1) and may confirm or vary it, and may approve payment of a benefit, determine the amount of a benefit or determine that no benefit is payable, and shall thereupon in writing notify the party who made the request under subsection (1) of the Minister’s decision and of the reasons therefor.

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