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Canada–Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Act

Version of section 6 from 2002-12-31 to 2003-03-31:

Marginal note:Definitions

  •  (1) In this section,



    agreement means an agreement between the Government of Canada and the government of a province respecting resource management and revenue sharing in relation to activities respecting the exploration for or the production of petroleum carried out on any frontier lands; (accord)

    frontier lands

    terres domaniales

    frontier lands means lands that belong to Her Majesty in right of Canada, or in respect of which Her Majesty in right of Canada has the right to dispose of or exploit the natural resources and that are situated in

    • (a) the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut or Sable Island, or

    • (b) those submarine areas, not within a province, adjacent to the coast of Canada and extending throughout the natural prolongation of the land territory of Canada to the outer edge of the continental margin or to a distance of two hundred nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea of Canada is measured, whichever is the greater. (terres domaniales)

  • Marginal note:Disputes between neighbouring provinces

    (2) Where a dispute between the Province and any other province that is a party to an agreement arises in relation to a line or portion thereof prescribed or to be prescribed for the purpose of the definition offshore area in section 2 and the Government of Canada is unable, by means of negotiation, to bring about a resolution of the dispute within a reasonable time, the dispute shall, at such time as the Federal Minister deems appropriate, be referred to an impartial person, tribunal or body and settled by means of the procedure determined in accordance with subsection (3).

  • Marginal note:Procedures determined by Federal Minister

    (3) For the purposes of this section, the person, tribunal or body to which a dispute is to be referred, the constitution and membership of any tribunal or body and the procedures for the settlement of a dispute shall be determined by the Federal Minister after consultation with the provinces concerned in the dispute.

  • Marginal note:Principles of international law to apply

    (4) Where the procedure for the settlement of a dispute pursuant to this section involves arbitration, the arbitrator shall apply the principles of international law governing maritime boundary delimitation, with such modifications as the circumstances require.

  • Marginal note:Approval of Provincial Minister not required before regulation made

    (5) Notwithstanding section 7, where a dispute is settled pursuant to this section and a regulation under subsection 5(1) prescribing the line in relation to which the dispute arose is made in accordance with the settlement, the regulation is not subject to the procedure set out in section 7 with respect to the portion of the line to which the dispute related.

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