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Canada Transportation Act

Version of section 119 from 2003-01-01 to 2008-02-27:

Marginal note:Increasing rates in freight tariff

  •  (1) A railway company that proposes to increase a rate in a tariff for the movement of traffic shall publish a notice of the increase at least twenty days before its effective date.

  • Marginal note:Effect of freight tariff

    (2) If a railway company issues and publishes a tariff of rates for the movement of traffic in accordance with this Division and Division VI,

    • (a) the rates are the lawful rates of the railway company and, subject to subsection (1), they take effect on the date stated in the tariff;

    • (b) the tariff supersedes any preceding tariff or any portion of it in so far as any rate in the tariff is varied; and

    • (c) a railway company that owns or operates a railway line in respect of which the tariff is issued shall charge the rates in the tariff until they expire or until the tariff is superseded by a new tariff.

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