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  1. Secure Air Travel Act - S.C. 2015, c. 20, s. 11 (Section 28)
    Marginal note:Powers to enter, seize and detain
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    • (2) In carrying out an inspection or audit in any place referred to in paragraph (1)(a), the Minister of Transport may

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      • (b) reproduce any record, or cause it to be reproduced from the data, in the form of a printout or other intelligible output, and remove the printout or other output for examination or copying; and

      • (c) use or cause to be used any copying equipment at the place to make copies of any books, records, electronic data or other documents.

    • Marginal note:Search warrants

      (3) Sections 487 to 492 of the Criminal Code apply in respect of any offence committed or suspected to have been committed under this Act.

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