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  1. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act - R.S.C., 1985, c. B-3 (Section 10)
    Marginal note:Investigations or inquiries by Superintendent
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    • Marginal note:Examination

      (3) If, on the application of the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s authorized representative, a subpoena has been issued by the court, the Superintendent may, for the purpose of an inquiry or investigation under subsection (1), examine or cause to be examined under oath before the registrar of the court or other authorized person, the trustee, the debtor, any person who the Superintendent suspects, on reasonable grounds, has knowledge of the affairs of the debtor, or any person who is or has been an agent or a mandatary, or a clerk, a servant, an officer, a director or an employee of the debtor or the trustee, with respect to the conduct, dealings and transactions of the debtor, the causes of the bankruptcy or insolvency of the debtor, the disposition of the debtor’s property or the administration of the estate, and may order any person liable to be so examined to produce any books, records, data, including data in electronic form, documents or papers in the person’s possession or under the person’s control.

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    • Marginal note:Privilege of witness

      (5) Where a person being examined pursuant to this section objects to answering any question on the ground that his answer may tend to criminate him or may tend to establish his liability to a civil proceeding at the instance of the Crown or of any person and if, but for this section or section 5 of the Canada Evidence Act, he would have been excused from answering that question, the answer so given shall not be used or admitted in evidence against him in any proceeding, civil or criminal, thereafter taking place other than a prosecution for perjury in the giving of that evidence.

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    • Marginal note:Copies

      (7) Where any book, record, paper or other document is examined or produced in accordance with this section, the person by whom it is examined or to whom it is produced or the Superintendent may make or cause to be made one or more copies thereof, and a document purporting to be certified by the Superintendent or a person thereunto authorized by him to be a copy made pursuant to this section is admissible in evidence and has the same probative force as the original document would have if it were proven in the ordinary way.


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