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  1. Canada Pension Plan - R.S.C., 1985, c. C-8 (Section 66)
    Marginal note:Return of benefit where recipient not entitled
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    • Marginal note:Charge on land

      (2.6) A document issued by the Federal Court or by a superior court of a province evidencing a certificate in respect of a debtor registered under subsection (2.3) or (2.4) may be recorded for the purpose of creating security, or a charge, lien or legal hypothec, on land in a province, or on an interest in land in a province, held or owned by the debtor, in the same manner as a document evidencing a judgment of the superior court of the province against a person for a debt owing by the person may be recorded in accordance with the law of the province to create security, or a charge, lien or legal hypothec, on land, or an interest in land, held or owned by the person.

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    • (2.9) If provision is made by this Act or the regulations for personal service of a request for information or a notice or demand, an affidavit of the person effecting service stating that

      • (a) the person has charge of the appropriate records and has knowledge of the facts in the particular case,


    • (3) Notwithstanding paragraph 61(2)(b) and subsections (1) and (2) of this section, where a person has received or obtained a benefit payment to which he is not entitled, or a benefit payment in excess of the amount of the benefit payment to which he is entitled, and the Minister is satisfied that


      the Minister may, unless that person has been convicted of an offence under any provision of this Act or of the Criminal Code in connection with the obtaining of the benefit payment, remit all or any portion of the amount or excess of the benefit payment.


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