Consideration of Inquiry Committee Report by Council

Marginal note:Consideration of report and written submissions
  •  (1) The Council must consider the Inquiry Committee’s report and any written submission made by the judge.

  • Marginal note:Who must not participate

    (2) Persons referred to in subsection 3(4) and members of the Inquiry Committee must not participate in the Council’s consideration of the report or in any other deliberations of the Council related to the matter.

Marginal note:Clarification

 If the Council is of the opinion that the Inquiry Committee’s report requires a clarification or that a supplementary inquiry or investigation is necessary, it may refer all or part of the matter back to the Inquiry Committee with directions.

Council Report

Marginal note:Report of conclusions to Minister

 The Council’s Executive Director must provide the judge with a copy of the report of its conclusions that the Council presented to the Minister in accordance with section 65 of the Act.

Transitional Provision

 Despite these By-laws, the Canadian Judicial Council Inquiries and Investigations By-laws, as they read immediately before the day on which these By-laws come into force, continue to apply in respect of any inquiries or investigations being conducted by a Review Panel or an Inquiry Committee or the Council acting under section 11 or 12, that were commenced under those By-laws.



Coming into Force

 These By-laws come into force on the day on which they are registered.

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