Judges Act

Version of section 59 from 2003-04-01 to 2003-07-01:

Marginal note:Council established
  •  (1) There is hereby established a Council, to be known as the Canadian Judicial Council, consisting of

    • (a) the Chief Justice of Canada, who shall be the chairman of the Council;

    • (b) the chief justice and any senior associate chief justice and associate chief justice of each superior court or branch or division thereof;

    • (c) the senior judges, as defined in subsection 22(3), of the Supreme Court of Yukon, the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories and the Nunavut Court of Justice;

    • (d) the Chief Justice of the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada; and

    • (e) the Chief Judge and Associate Chief Judge of the Tax Court of Canada.

  • (2) and (3) [Repealed, 1999, c. 3, s. 77]

  • Marginal note:Substitute member

    (4) Each member of the Council may appoint a judge of that member’s court to be a substitute member of the Council and the substitute member shall act as a member of the Council during any period in which he is appointed to act, but the Chief Justice of Canada may, in lieu of appointing a member of the Supreme Court of Canada, appoint any former member of that Court to be a substitute member of the Council.

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